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About Us

Based in Essex, Best Environmental Solutions operate throughout the Southeast of England and cover most parts of the UK.  All our work is fully insured and audits are carried out on all sites to ensure the highest levels of safety are met.  Monitoring is carried out throughout all our projects to ensure the quality of air and other elements are not compromised during our works.

We are a specialist Licenced Asbestos Removal contractor although we offer many other environmental services. Our team are equipped with specialist RPE and PPE to carry out most hazardous substance removal.

We are a specialist “fully insured” Licenced Asbestos Removal contractor although we offer many other environmental services.  

We have a dedicated team who are committed to make use of recyclable materials. We value the environment and do our utmost to avoid disposing of salvageable and potentially valueable items into landfill.   We separate items of plant and machinery, metals, timber, glass and building materials to enable them to be recycled.

We adhere to all current legislation and work in strict compliance with:

  • Health and Safety Executives.
  • Control of Asbestos (CAR) 2012.
  • Health and Safety at work Act 1974.
  • Environmental Protection Act 1990.
  • Construction Design and Management Regs 2015.
  • Asbestos Licenced contractors guide HSG 247.
  • Analyst guide- HSG248.
  • Construction design and management Regs 2015.
  • Control of waste regs 1992.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.  We would be happy to provide a free quotation or consultation.  Our standard of work is second to none and at very reasonable rates.

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