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Asbestos Removal and Encapsulation

Asbestos was used widely in construction until 1999 when its use was finally banned in the UK.  Many homes, public hospitals and schools still contain this dangerous mineral.  It was used for its insulating abilities, being fireproof and cheap to produce, although it has been found to have many harmful impacts on both the environment and individuals.

At Best Environmental Solutions we cover all types of asbestos removal and environmental issues in commercial, industrial and residential dwellings.  We maintain Health & Safety Executive regulations throughout all our work and liaise with the client throughout the process to ensure work is carried out in the safest possible way.

Where Asbestos has been damaged and removal is not cost effective we offer a containment and encapsulation. This will include a 4 stage air test upon completion, all loose debris and contaminated items can be disposed off.  The Asbestos will be wrapped with Calaco cloth and painted with an approved encapsulant.

We provide a full range of Asbestos Removal services including licenced and non licenced contracts.  Our most recent contacts have included shops, schools, demolition sites and oil refineries.

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